New Roadmap RainFX


Anyone notice the rainFX in the roadmaps?

Shit looks like an old movie reel




Yeah, just another sign of how good this game can look visually

But then we have illusion of movement breaking Davie


The artwork is generally very good. Love the overall style to the game but the animation has always been terrible. The dry hump spasm animation when a blue’s ar goes off makes me cringe and laugh every time I see it. Davie is just straight up “stoopid”. :rofl:

Marlon and Rosie are another toon with terrible animation. Why not just have Rosie rush off and attack and let Marlon take a shot with his bow? So lame the way it is now.


The small things I’m the game impress me the the game itself not so much


No it’s cool.


The background movement is downright surprising.
…Like the dude who hung himself in the tree, swaying.


This animation has been around for a while. I don’t recall exactly, but I think it debuted in a roadmap involving Michonne, maybe the HS version, or a TTG event :thinking:

Anyway… it would add a great layer to the game if there was a weather mechanic. Instead of everything looking exactly the same every time a stage is run, it would be awesome to see background effects like wind/rain, or other apocalyptic animations instead of the handful we’ve had so far.


I don’t see no backgrounds guy swinging which worldmap or roadmap are you talking about?


No shoutout to Sex Dungeon Tyresse and his windmill wet noodle arms animation?


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