New roadmap, good luck to avg f2p scrubs

Man I feel really bad for avg players on the last level, the energy cost alone was pretty bad considering


Its rated s10 for a reason. If they can’t beat it then oh well, the other 3 stages were enough.


This map is stupid. Let it run for an hour on auto, both teams at full health, full extra hp. Waste of time.


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If only…

… there were toons to prevent them from healing or reviving…
… Hmmmmm…
… And it would be awesome if they were able to do flat damage
… Hmmmmmmmmm…

… If only…


If only more people would think more deeply about how to overcome it, instead of whining all the time…?


Dual decaps, shield and dual heal impair helped me a lot

For stage 3, I ran an Andrea lead, siddiq, A New threat Dwight, Red gov (the damage one), and Mirabelle with her also as a faction support. Took about 3-4 mins with a little forethought.

I just picked a random team i had and easily won. Not hard at all


Not that hard if you just put strategy and thinking into it. Of course, playing on auto will be a lose


Wow yeah lots of people not going to finish.
I just auto played from the map release till a second, everyone health was full no one died just got tied of the repeat.

Well if you auto then you’re not smart at all. Use your brain a little and this will be a piece of :birthday:.


I have no shield and used all free toons with a faction mates toon… I won on first try… It seems the ftp scrubs are capable

I dont bout to waist my fuel on that raid map!:confused:

Just to giv3 me mods tha5 I already have

auto all day long

this team with a decap ty support had no problem at all

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I did say avg f2p scrubs not f2p try hard, I went in with my fast attack team on auto and it sat there for a few minutes before I noticed nothing was getting in anywhere, switched it up and did manually took a few minutes of actually trying, which was kinda lame

Someone needs a dose of get better :slight_smile:

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Yeah, i can see this being an issue for those who lack 6 stars. It would’ve been better to keep all the stages 1 wave and being able to use items.

For the added difficulty, i don’t think it was that necessary for what was obtained in the end.

Good thing that wasnt the roadmap to get the last mask for the michelle event for example.

team that i used to get by.

I tried a pure red team for kicks and giggles but i got wrecked in the first wave by Konrad. XD

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