New roadmap for Survival club

atm SC holders only getting 1 roadmap per weak least throw some exclusive roadmaps for sc plz


I agree with this statement. @JB.Scopely

Agreed completely

You are getting an exclusive roadmap already, one that provides gear to upgrade and exclusive character.
Your also provided
Double the food output
Double the wood output
100 bonus roster space
Unlimited dog tag cap for team comp
One free pull from a promo wheel a day
And no required parts for weapon crafting

If you don’t feel you are getting enough value, don’t subscribe until you feel you do


Thank you for putting things in perspective. I did get camilia from the 1 free pull… Grateful for that


Congratulations! (not sarcasm)

I cancelled my subscription pretty soon after it went live, the benefits aren’t worth the cost imo, my money is better spent elsewhere within the game, but I’m sure I saw a post from @JB.Scopely prior to survivors club going live that there would be additional roadmaps for comics & suchlike on top of the weekly ones, have they not materialised yet or did I imagine it?

Ambiguous at best to me

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Just cancel and suddenly a new roadmap opens up for you, roadmap to freedom


Do people really believe this lol no way :joy::joy: I got her on a free pull from 5bstar tokens yes she is in there I promise :joy::joy::joy:

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For the trial, it’s ok i think.
but food and materials are never an issue for me, so it’s kinda a waste for the most part.

I actually did get her on single pull… Hard to believe…but possible

Yeah I bet

Look me too :joy::joy::joy:



If you don’t believe me… Then there you go. No difference to me :man_shrugging:

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I can post tons of those and them claim to have single pulled them bro this is the internet

Well you have a great day then… Glad to see you around

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me too, i can even provide a screenshot… lol

Did you get yours from 5 star tokens also ?

no, from the 4 starts, must have been a bug.