New Roadmap AI team feedback

I have noticed a trend by which new roadmaps will be set up in a way that you will face off against AI teams all of the same trait and all carrying the same weapon buffs. I.e All blue team all carrying impair weapons, all Red all carrying stun weapons.

Would it be possible to mix this up a bit? seems like very lazy level design with just a copy and paste approach applied.

Why not have mixed trait teams? Like it used to be.

I’d be more interested in seeing canon enemy teams. For example, saviors and savior style enemies when you’re fighting that faction, bandit-looking enemies for random raiders, the existing casual looking 2 stars and whatnot for fighting other groups of honest survivors, etc. that would do more for making the fights interesting to me.


Makes it relatively harder for people to beat when all stun or all impair come up, keeping it would be better imo.

What if they made your actual opponents tougher though, make the 4,5,6 stars with levels AR etc?

My point was not about them making the maps harder (which I am in favour of) it was about the lazy way they done it, if you follow me.

Give a bunch of 2* hobos ab defence weapons or have a mixed team of higher ranking toons with a mixture of weapons.

I don’t think they should give the toons in those kinds of maps different weapons. My reason of that being it would be harder depending on the weapon being held by all 5 toons, like stun or impair for example. All stun would have a decent chance of getting most of your characters stunned, opposed to different weapons, the different weapons obviously wouldn’t be all stun or impair (only as an example) so it would be easier to beat if the team you face had variety in weapons.

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