New Road Map Wth

Alright Scopley wtf is this bs roadmaps coming out where my 6*s are only doing 100 damage and why tf do these toons have 30k defense


Yup it’s incredibly impossible. F that. Scopely is really on crack


Not bothering with this one. Unlike Davie’s map, the characters don’t have a flaw that can be used to kill them. The best way to deal with this team is through constant sustain and tank, which Lydia’s kit helps with, but the enemy excelling in offense and defense makes it pretty pointless. Not to mention, 2nd stage enemies actually comprise of some really tough characters. Not enjoying the triple duo confuses.


It’s most def impossible… Those greens looked at my stun reds and laughed… Used grenades…um yeah noo bueno :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They must be mad at the 1,000 messages of complaining about the anniversary deal :joy::joy::joy:


Idk how anyone at live ops or in general couldn’t think this is an error. Yet I’m sure a couple of people are going to say “I used 200 grenades and vials and beat it” just to brag about wasting an hour on a roadmap. Just because the toons are almost impossible to kill doesn’t mean it’s a “challenge”. Also the rewards are crap so might as well not do it. This just makes me not want to pull for Lydia when I see her getting one hit killed by a tiger.


I beat they will spend 75 coins over and over to revive there toons and beat it :man_facepalming:


Scopley please make my 2 shivas godly like that one ^^^

Whoever made the decision for that roadmap should be thrown out of the 90th floor window , stupidly executed , pointless and stupid again

I myself won’t be bothered to waste a minute on it for 2 burts, 1800 scraps and 99.9% couple of bronze mods.

Well done you just hit rock bottom as if you already didn’t like 1000 times before


Just imagine how the last stage would work

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I just spent stooped refills trying to figure out if there was any loophole. None. Buncha wasted time and energy. Please fix.

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New toon died first in the 2nd phase. Extremely bad marketing idea to put maps that the new toons cant get us thru :neutral_face:


Wait tilnthird map

Complete BS.


Things like this go live into the game because they don’t playtest anything ever and no one who works on the game actually plays the game at least not more than on a noob casual level.

The rewards aren’t even remotely worth the effort. What are they thinking over there?

This is the payoff? A 5% chance for a random gold mod. Dear sweet Lord.


This is the end Ha ha


Wow! I hope my bichonne gets those stats soon lol. Good thing she got nerfed :roll_eyes:

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I was stuck in an endless battle of heal/ revive on wave 6 of the 1st stage. I just gave up & hit flee.
These roadmaps are ridiculous lately.

Obviously Scopely doesn’t test out these stage’s.

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2 stage is impossible.
Whoever made this should get real life karma.


Was able to finish it but this shit is straight up stupid.

Goodluck getting past Magna anyone who doesn’t own premiers. More specifically bleed premiers.


You probably only finished it cause of all those bleed toons right wanderer?

Indeed. Couldn’t do any damage with any other combo. Tried decap Tyrese, control, defense down, etc. Nothing did enough to be able to take down Magna.

All that for…

So don’t worry if you don’t finish it. Wasted energy. Especially given the difficulty.