New Road map glitches

Says it will be open for 60 days but is showing 21 hours? Am I missing something?

Here is what it shows

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Nous allons ĂŞtre nombreux a nous faire avoir !
60 jours contre 20h …

C’est presque impossible a faire !

Plan argent facile à passer mais le premier plan “Gold” est ENORME !!!

Nothing new here.

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Shhh. this might mean tomorrow’s roadmap is auto unlocked. Delete this thread. Might be a glitch in our favour…


Une chose en notre avantage ?!?!
Ne rĂŞvons pas !

So if we buy a starter pack and get a red key then doesn’t work like it said. What will you do to compensate for this or is it a to bad like normal @JB.Scopely


Most likely a too bad.

Once you open the roadmap it says the actual time remining on the map.

Technically as someone pointed out earlier on a different thread it says 60 days lol…however once you open as shown on the top it says otherwise. Very misleading though. As some may have opened thinking they had plenty of time to do this. Having them daily makes more sense tho seeings what we need for collections


That’s not the only bugs with these maps. I’ve heard of crashes. Mine the characters bugged out and maim damage didnt work. Characters were healing beyond maim making it impossible for me to do the level in road rage act 2 stage 3

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Game crashes when I click on these roadmaps

both “test dungeons” crash the game

Maim damage didn’t work for me either.

When you go to unlock Horse Power it says that it enables access for 60 days. Bit misleading if it resets daily.

Very misleading. Of course scopley doesn’t care. Blows my mind they can get away with this.

It has said that since the start of the event, and the event doesn’t even last that long so to believe that, on a road map that resets every 24 hours, is on you. At least it doesn’t say 6 hours, or 1 hour.

May have been asked already but is the map farmable?

I’ve not seen anything drop but FA tickets.


It was the same with me, I tried twice and both times gave that mistake. Really, I kind of gave up. I complained on the support and they are talking about the difficulty of the phase, but my complaint is not related to that and I have made it clear.