New "Rise to power" event hopes/expectations

What are your hopes/expectations?

Don’t think there’s a rise to power event there just a series of promos

My only real hope is that I get to play in a cool event and represent my faction Gravediggers/Kingdom to the best of my ability. Whatever rewards and stuff I gain is cool, I just want to have fun with friends! :blush:


I agree totally

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Realistically this will more than likely be just like the “A New Threat” event


Negan maggie and zeke haven’t had rise to power leaks based on the artwork they released. In a perfect world it willl be a 4 way choice getting 1 or 2 for free with work and events. Then the additional 2 for p2p players on top of it. The choice is kind of cool if all toons are useful.

Gear, characters, trainers, farmable things…would be ideal but well know soon how nice it really will be.


I’m expecting artwork, sketch book, drawings, work in progress (drawings related), cause frankly that is only thing that is getting me into the game, to screenshot and save stuff, probably cause I like comics. Play wise - I think I’ve said enough.

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Some kind of pick your side style so there is a bit more variety to teams would be great.



Thats right there comming and they are twice as powerfull as your 6 stars. Muuuhuuuuhuuua :scream:


Un petit pellemel de perso f2p elevable peut être et des cantine et gps

In my opinion, it will not be a character giving event. I really hope it is and it would be awesome if so, but it doesn’t appear that way.

Check this out. As you can see, the Rise to Power Rick that was leaked looks NOTHING like the one in the artwork. As you can also see, the guardian 5s Rick looks almost identical, right down to a rip in both the artwork pant leg and the character pant leg and down to the knife on his lower leg and arm and even the satchel. It kind of baffles me that they would use this character model in the artwork when he won’t be ascendable(although the artwork is still pretty wicked)… It leaves me to believe that this Rick will be a promo only and (unfortunately) not able to be ascended from the 5s guardian Rick despite the parallels in the artwork.

As you can see here, these Ezekiel’s look pretty similar also. The fact that we haven’t gotten an Ezekiel leak yet looks promising that he perhaps could be ascendable from the current crit/med drop bonus lead we have now!
But, don’t be too hopeful because as shown above with the Rick, the two won’t necessarily directly correlate. But here’s to hoping, since Ezekiel is so widespread in the game.


I believe that looks more like SR zeke with that shirt lol

I don’t… the coat and star shirt are nearly the same.

gotta love the fashion in the zombie apocalypse

Pls no i dont even have a 6 star lol

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a new threat event was good homie

Correct me if my history is wrong but wasn’t “A New Threat” Dwight free? If we get a free ascendable epic, I will be content. And if Ezekiel, OG or SR, becomes ascendable, then even better because I have both.


Yea I like and still use Dwight a lot i was fine with that event. I hope this is more of a choose your side event though.

Would be cool if we get 4 different museumcollections with 4 different 5*/6*s and we can choose what we want


Im hoping for a cooperative faction event