New Ricks...Why?


Wouldn’t it have been better to do something similar to shiva force event (except starting with 4*) and working your way up to a 6* through collections? As of now this 5* isn’t even ascendable even though it was added over a year into the 6* meta. Also is it just me or does the 4* have better stats than the 5* (other than hp and weapon).

Edit: changed image to show 4* ricks weapon


What are there rushes + lead/special


This reminds of the old days (pre-6 stars) when Scopely used to release a brand new 4 star and put them as prize for Faction Level ups. Whale factions would fight for first and then depot them straight away and the 4 star would disappear from existence.

Kinda like I imagine most of these Ricks will.


Could these be part of a ‘choose your side’ type of event?


No. The 4 star is the reward for the final DGB roadmap. The 5 star is reward for being a Skybound insider.


We don’t know yet, even under the roadmap the 4* rush is “To Be Determined”/TBD


You can see his rush now. He’ll be great for SR


New Ricks…Why?

To celebrate 15 years of TWD franchise of course.


So If i already was an insider then what ? I still get him ? @JB.Scopely?


When do you get the 5 star rick? I signed up but haven’t gotten it yet.


I think I’m an insider, I definitely got that sweet ass 3 star Tyreese three years ago.

No Rick yet, but not sure if that’s because I was never due him or not


Just … wow , just a simple yes or no , or hey Mike you won’t be eligible since you already signed up or hey cool that you were already member of skybound , you’ll be getting your Rick soon … but Instead … nothing


Sorry, Mike, don’t take it personally. Today is a national holiday in Spain and JB is not working. Try again on Monday :slightly_smiling_face:


I won a few of the fac event 4 stars, I kept them…

Until Scopely decided to throw them into every wheel possible, completely devalueing them…

I still kept my Matt and Axel that I won though…


No rick here either


Guess we shouldn’t expect a reply … na ja , c’est la vie eh


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