New Rick. Skybound edition



Still no rick.. as of yet

Can I get this for having been monitored by Facebook for 3 years now just so I can save my progress?


Tons of new character leaks, why not post them all? Jw


I’m just gonna be honest here…

This Rick is one of the most laziest designed toons in the entire game… His 4 star shares the EXACT SAME model as the 5 star, and only has minor changes, this is just a horrid new low for the design team…


But can you honestly say that you’re surprised? A lot of current legendaries have slightly different designs than their epic counterparts. Either a color change or slight change in clothing.


Yeah, true, sadly. I honestly thought that the Violet at the end of the Legend token wheel was her 5 star, the designs are just so lazy, some 4 stars have more gear/details lmao


I like him.


He’s absolutely useless though.


I disagree. He’s useful.


I wish I knew what he does. I definitely see additional attack and bleed. But I’m curious to know his rush and whether he’s a leader or a specialist. But I probably shouldn’t concern myself anyway because he’s probably a promo. I’m certain of it just from his weapon alone.


I don’t think he’s going to be a promo. Promos don’t come in 4* form. He’s probably going to be linked to the 15th anniversary of the comics.

This can be one of those museum type event, where you get the 4* from a roadmap and have to collect some items to trade him in for the 5* version. Rinse and repeat to get the 6* version.

One of the leaks was a green Rick with Confuse quem taking damage on his weapon. That one should be one of the promos tied to this event.

This blue Rick will most likely be a f2p character.


Sounds right. Reminds me a ton of the Choose your Side event.


Hope I can manage to get him with a linked account.


I may just be stupid, but why does he have the thing on his rush where you can see the levels of it like the 6 stars do? If they all do that then I’m just sad that I didn’t see this


Good question actually. My guess its due to him being datamined so he’s still a work-in-progress


Yeah I figured that may be it too.


No 6th star though?

If they’ve spent time and resources making a new 4* and non-ascendable 5* instead of upgrading legacies they should be fired.


They won’t be fired because it was their decision as a whole.


Maybe they haven’t designed the 6* or they just didn’t add him to the game database.

It would be odd for them to design just the 4* and the 5*. This seems to be an event like the “Shiva Force” that gave everyone G2 Zeke.


My concern is that there’s no “view 6*” button top left.
For comparison see the other leeks (sic) posted here: