New rick from the App Store



I saw on the App Store that one can get a limited 5* rick for becoming and insider


Almost nobody has gotten him to my knowledge


Is this a question?

A statement?

A request for help?


Got him a few weeks ago. Double check if your a skybound insider. I was not until they had this Rick promo, so I’m uncertain if it’s new inbounders only or means for all.

Still no rick.. as of yet

I know I am, probably for new ones.


Do you become a sky bound insider through Facebook?


Because I have the tyrese skybound edition…


I did it through game.


I did too…a long time ago


Yeah I only did so when I saw the free 5s. So maybe it was for new? Idk


Not just for new insiders. Can’t remember exactly when, but he showed up in my rewards soon after the announcement.


Fake news. I have him.


I said to my knowledge. Never said it was a fact.


You might have him but that doesn’t mean everyone who is a insider received him!
I’m still waiting and I’ve been a insider since I downloaded the game on Jan 1st 2016. Just bc you have him does not make it “fake news”.


Aww. I really hope you get him! :crying_cat_face:


Hey guys!..sorry for my late reply. And thank you all for replying but I emailed scopely about this a few days ago and they said if you’re an already insider and you haven’t reactived the rick,the the only thing to do is wait…