New Rewards System?


I am an original player, downloaded the game the 1st day it came out (as did many of us). I remember the days of winning unique characters for tournaments and such.

It seems that the game is in an endless cycle of the same rewards over and over and over again, in turn making the game less desirable to compete in these tournaments. It is more about milestones and giving the SAME character away to every player based on logging in or completing roadmaps and grinding. While this is fair for everyone, it is like receiving a participation trophy which drives away actual competition.

Tournament prizes (war in particular) should be enticing and creative from the developers to create a competitive environment and drive players to up their game in order to compete. I understand the developers have leaned away from giving characters as prizes, maybe it is time for a 6* token wheel if character prizes (ascendable) are not an option available.

Any ideas that you guys might have please mention them, maybe the developers will take notice?

@kalishane i would love if you could touch on this subject or offer an explanation of why the rewards system seems to be stuck in this endless cycle or if there are any hopes of improvement for this structure??? Thanks in advance shane

Fyi: Im just throwing ideas out there, please dont take offense to this Shane :grin::grin::grin:


Don’t even care so much regarding war as inactivity has made it a endless disappointment but seriously why are first place prizes for solo lvls not premiers. It was the best way to grab something good that players would hoard for especially if they were free 2 play.


I agree about the solo level ups @Wanderer


There should definitely be a dedicated six star wheel in game period. That said it should not be the main prize in war. Scopely is fully funded and capable as we seen during the 5 star era in making unique war toon prizes. These same toons should be in solo raids, solo level ups and occasionally in faction events. All of this inspire competition.


@TwoDogg i agree


First off im gonna say i complelty agree that rewards need a massive overhaul, but if i remember correctly scopleys reasoning behind no unique prizes for level ups etc is because they didnt want players sitting on toons they could use for months on end waiting for the right prize, they wanted them to be able to level them up whenever, hence why all the prizes are just copies of one another


I really miss when we had new 4 stars in faction events, sure they were not that usable (some were) but they were fun to have as collectables, would be nice to see more of this again…


Something needs to change morale is super low universally. Players quitting left and right.


Me too but people would cry like before, at least they could throw us collectors a bone and realese those fours on a roadmap like they used too, hell replace that worthless wood map with character maps from the past and I’d be happy


I have to echo this statement as a 2+ year player. I know countless threads have been made about this over the last six months, but would be wonderful is we could get an answer regarding the future of rewards. This will go an extremely long way in how I play the game and my commitment levels moving forward.

@kalishane any updated insight into this or strategy thats been established moving forward? I know that a few months ago the reason for no 5* ascendable or 6* character prizes was due to the lack of inventory and ability to produce them. Surely this still cant be the case. Any help for information would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


@kalishane dont leave ya boy hangin lol


I missed 4* Allen as Prize since I started one month later, but remember when 4* Axel was a prize. Couldn’t get him, but it was still somethink to forward too. They could still do this today at Lower Positions


@kalishane dont make me beg, i am not beyond it lol


I always enjoyed the game for the competition. This shift to participation trophies rather than prizes for winning has taken a lot of the edge off for me.


I agree, the prize structure definitely needs to be upgraded to reflect all the changes in the game. It’s quite boring having the same rewards every event. I doubt anything will be done for lvl ups since there are 2 every week…which is a beyond excessive.


@kalishane im about to beg


Ok last try…


(Beetlejuice 2 coming out soon)


I think it’s perfect! Just kidding, they suck. The rewards aren’t worth playing for… probably one of the reasons so many are quitting…


@kalishane just bumping this up. Any comment or insight you can offer us?


I’ve asked about this and never got an answer. If this CRW doesn’t have any different rewards then i’m done. I will wait for my 30 day run out and i’m out. Steady $200-$1000 a month whale on my way bye bye. So many good improvements but when there is no prize to play for why play? Same teams same leaders no interesting teams to fight what a bore fest