New reward rank changes need to stop

Changing the rank rewards to 50th-11th and all that bs needs to stop. Put rewards back how they were. If you are in a region that is actually active its way too much work to get top 50 for the same trash rewards that used to be top 100. Just change it back or actually improve the rewards if you’re going to cut out half of the players.


Not same trash rewards. Worse.

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They refuse to make much-needed gameplay adjustments to bring back some semblance of strategy back into the game but they sure do love messing around with things that aren’t broken like rewards. Every time I think they find rock bottom they somehow find a way to make them even worse.

Drug kits?!? Keep them and the rest of the garbage you keep trying to pass off as rewards.


They will return after this miserable medal event. Thankfully I got eric and now I don’t have to level for the rest of the month. Trying to milk players for medals at the end by cutting half the rewards.

Raids have no medals and unless you plan on placing top 10 you might as well sit it out. Who is seriously going to grind out raids against endless time out teams for a bunch of brone mods, drug kits, and a handful of crappy trainers?

Oh wow. Didn’t even notice in raids. Jeez. What a joke. 51st gets bronze mods. Shame.

Burt would like to have a word with you :rage:

Yeah it dont help players that are stuck raiding the same gd teams they cant beat because they cant lvl toons cause of a rank wall. As always, f2p is screwed and tossed in the sewage pond to drown. Keep on surviving :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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