New reward in high level scavs


Some players don’t do all the gold scavenger missions because YGL stops showing up, thereby hurting their ability to score in level up competitions. However, there is no transparency into this… Feature? Bug? And a lot of players have done all the gold scavs in expectations of good rewards.

Suggestion is simple: introduce a couple of new scavs that perhaps unlock after the last gold mission is completed, which drop things like gold radios. That gives players a choice: be able to rock ygl all the time or be able to hunt for mods every so often.


Scavenger missions are a great example of a section of the game “economy” which is firmly rooted in 2016. They were released during a time where waiting 7 days for a flak jacket and a Brady was an amazing pay back.


I’ll take ygl thanks


I’m not sending my characters away for 5+ days so no thank you I’ll just keep YGL


A lot of us didn’t have this choice. We leveled up before any of it was known and we’re just stuck. Would be nice to have some way to make it even or at least worthwhile.


They really need to have a look at, and update the missions available in the scavenger camps. I would happily send my obsolete 5s out for a few days in order to collect something decent. The only relevant missions in there are the exp ones and the AR one. Small quantities of wood and bags of explosives just don’t cut it anymore.

PS: YGL should be available around the clock (either on standby or cooldown) for these non-stop LU’s that Scopley have decided to make a feature out of.


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