New regions will die even faster now

hi there,

just wanted to point out that if u ever join a new region and u have a lucky 6* pull u will be dominating 95% of the region.

u consider that the f2p player will be scared off really fast and u kill the game right from the start fo them ??

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So… ban 6*s in New regions?


and the new regions will be at war of 8 ??? that’s going to kill them, the wars of the region.

y las nuevas regiones estarán en guerra de 8??? eso si las va a matar, las guerras de región.

they have been opening new regions super fast as of late. i think 4 EN ones in the past month? I guess they finally figured out thats where the region hoppers and whales are going to pull like crazy to try and get on top


i am f2p and i’ll quit after crw .fk

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