New Regions to begins

Hello, i want to start in a new region. Does somebody know what is the most recent one??

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Newer regions are closed off from transfers if that’s what your trying to do

I know that, but I mean from playing a new game.

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Why not just transfer you main to a new region. Unless your down for months of grind being on for many hours. Well to a different region

It’s because i don’t have to much since I start play. So i want start in a newer region from the beginning that’s all.

How many 6* do you have

I don’t have 6*

How long have you been playing

I’ve been playing for two weeks more less


Oh. If your that new you are better off getting in a new region than

Well I started in Dekalb, and it isn’t a new region.

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York I know is pretty new region

How old is it??

Welcome to hell

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65th ranked player is only 8500 rep I can’t see that much I got bored today and put account to there

Tattnall, Seminole, Elbert, dale and Barbour are all listed as low activity and you can’t transfer accounts there so I’m guessing there new regions

If anything pick 1 of them and press your luck

All the ones Dennis listed are old, the newest region is Berkeley

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I’ll go to check them. Thanks for the the suggestions.

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Are they haha