New Regions Sever?



hey scopely can you tell me when the new regions begin pls?


As they like to claim when theres enough new players/accounts that it warrents it.

I find it maybe semi accurate but really these guys are all about making you feel like your inferior and need to spend to have a chance so why wouldnt they just keep tossing the fresh fish to the sharks/whales??

Should have been 1 by now my guess with transfers it might be a while at minimum…Which sucks my brother wants to start fresh with me in a new region so we arent months or years behind but they been slacking…


What do you hope to achieve in a new server? You want to be top dog using your knowledge of having played in another region to allow to progress faster than the genuine noobs? Because I have news for you, in amongst those genuine noobs will be fledgling whales who will soon use their spending might to put everyone else in their shade


oh i’m F2P, and i already punch everybody in new sever :slight_smile:


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