New regions? Hmmmm


Hmmm not sure if it’s just me or not… but I cant tell anymore what the newest region is. Is there a way to tell? If so… what region is the newest currently and the current low population regions some are definitely old… maybe region start date should be included in the region section of options so one can tell the difference between old and new regions?


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Anyone know what newest region is?


Kershaw is the newest I believe it’s been open two weeks or so now I believe, I could be wrong


id recommend waiting though until know another newer region


you wont be able to join new regions till theyve hit the age of maturity.


Unless you are completely starting over you will not be able to move to a brand new region.


i completely did new phone new account and it shoved me into a 2 year old region so… thats not fully true


I had new accounts get sent to Marion and it’s 3 years old


Well not my but others new accounts like none lasted there all quit in like a week or 2


There’s actually a newer region called Marlboro. But it’s a closed new region. I only stumbled open it because I reset my iPad and went through the tutorial before syncing my game. It’s got positive and negatives. Biggest positive is that Russian hackers can’t seem to transfer in there, as well as p11,12 and 13 players. Biggest downside though is that it’s not very active. It’s already at high capacity and it’s just flooded with teenagers using it as a dating app. The wars are very hard to come by there.


That was totally not my point of the convo. Any new regions are locked unless its your first day playing. It puts u somewhere randomly but u can at that point move to a new region before getting your roster built up.


Wow I’ve seen this game used for a lot of things but never this before lol


Didn’t realize Irwin was considered medium, that explains a lot.

The exodus is still taking place with factions burning fa tickets and waiting out the cake scoreboard reset before moving.

It’ll be interesting to see if it’s still medium or if it drops to low in the next ranking


Marlboro is relatively new like a week old roughly


You cant go to Marlboro. It’s not on my list


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