New Region when?

Weakly and Wilson are the newest regions, although already more than 6 months old. I know that Scopely doesnt provide any infos regarding the launch of a new region, but are there any infos how long it took to launch Weakly/Wilson after the previous round of new regions have been released?

My guess was they open a new region once region transfers are live. But Weakly/Wilson are still closed for region transfers. However, both regions already participate in CRWs (usually new regions only have AoW, right?).

So it shouldnt take too long until Scopely launches new region, isnt it? Otherwise new players get too much of a disadvantage if they start on Weakly or Wilson and loose interest very quickly.

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No one has any idea? Why does scopley make such a secret out of it? I mean if they would announce new regions I believe a lot of veteran gamers would also like to start a new alt account from scratch and I believe some would also not hesitate to do some mild spending


…and this is exactly why they don’t announce new regions.

New players are quickly overwhelmed by veteran players looking for easy rewards. That’s why they started isolating new regions and not allowing new players to see them in the list in the first place.

sry you misunderstood me. Its totally fine to isolate new regions and give everyone the same chance to start from scratch. With alt accounts I meant a second separate account.

It has the same effect, though. New players are quickly overwhelmed and don’t stick around. I’m guessing those alt accounts doing ‘some mild spending’ don’t make up for the potential lost revenue from brand new players.

Well now brand new players get smashed on 6 months old regions. That’s the same result…

Opening a new region every 6 months sounds legit to me and new players could learn quickly from veterans on a new region

What would be your frequency to open new regions?

My frequency would be whenever the game analytics indicate a new region makes sense.

We can’t see the game analytics. We don’t know what the best frequency is.

Well, that said their analytics still say no because power level seems to be too low. However raw power lvl is not the only measure they should consider…

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