New region repeat hackers back


lot of them seem to be in this faction

This one’s already stealing prizes

What makes you think they are hacking?

money talks in a new region lol

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I know what is about a new region that all these hackers just come right back for a week

Hackers are a major problem, but when you post a screenshot with somebody who by all appearances look legitimate, you are only diluting the reports of actual concerns.


It’s not hacking. I know this region and this faction, and there’s a couple of players that managed to pull a Legend through Elite Tokens in my faction.

They simply got lucky and got that Rosita. In my faction there’s one that has Rosita, another one with Sandy and another one with Barker. It’s all luck based.

I’m pretty sure you can’t pull a legend through elite tokens…


No, you cannot.
Lucas is bullshitting.


No. You cannot pull a legendary through elite tokens but you can pull a legendary from premier recruits. If they had Zeke or Erika or something like that it would be cause for concern but if they were really lucky it could only cost 250 coins for Rosita, Carl, Negan, etc.

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Why do people start this the first day of region starting. The accusations fly within first hour and never stops. If that is the only proof you have it is weak. He starts region at low prestige buys some coins and his prestige is growing. Seems more like the guy throwing accusations is trying to get people banned just because they have better toons. This is what ruins the new regions in first day.

You can pull in a new region…




Fml really

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They accelerate new regions because otherwise no one would play cause the divide would be too much for any reasonable F2P player to even want to play in war.

soooooo, are the odds any different at all?

Why is hershall there!? We can’t get hmm F2P!


my exact reaction

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Interesting, reminds me of when you’d start in a new region and the story mission would give you a token and it would always be glenn

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