New Region or Next Reopening


When will next region come out or next reopening of closed region. I have been waiting quite a while but the wait times becoming thst long I’m thinking of quitting and finding a new game


You won’t do it!


I have done it on other games before


I messaged kali about this earlier in the week and she said next week. We think possibly after new threat event


Sick and tired of them opening brand new regions, when there’s regions that are dead and closed. We’re stuck. We don’t want to start again in a new region because we’ve spent over 2 years getting what we have now.


It is an amazing amount of bullshit and honestly makes me sad for you guys in dying regions.


I think VK posts about new regions opening. U can check there to be notified when one opens.


I just checked and vk posted about a Russian region opening, and I didn’t see any news of other ones, so maybe they only post about new Russian regions.

Another idea I had was that you can find a thread in the forum from a user who is in a New region that is Locked (they can’t leave and no one can join). I have seen a few threads like this. If you contact someone like that maybe they can let you know when the region opens.


I’m genuinely interested to see how new regions fair, my prediction is most f2p players will be gone In a month as they will. Not be able to compete with people who spend and pull a six star from Premier while having to wait for 9 5* to challenge them.


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@kalishane can you let me know the exact date when new region will be open? thanks