New Region? Notifications?


Just curious if it’ll be easy to spot a new region opening up? Seems like after the transfer ability so many dead regions are low. In the past it was as easy as scrolling down and seeing a low population region there at the top of regions you haven’t entered.

I play one region and have spent a lot of money and time. Just looking to get in a brand new one day 1 and go completely f2p. Now that things take longer as my 1 region has progressed.

And I’m assuming Scopely hasn’t done any kind of heads up as to when a new region will open? Seems foolish not to. They would make so much more money when spenders want to get in and get that early head start day 1 by blowing loads of cash.


Scopely? Advanced warning? Heads up?



Sorry, I think I took a bad drug for a second lol. What was I thinking?

I’m still curious if it’s gonna be easy to spot when it comes up. Like top of your 0 level list. Like it used to.


I went into an old region I never played. They altered the tutorial and beginning toons. Plus I’m pristige 13 so I feel like a f2p account could still be fun from day 1.


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