New Region Limbo


I got a new phone and I was put into a new region called “Fairfield.” There are no other regions in the region list and I cannot link my account through facebook as I get an error everytime. Anyone have thoughts on this on how to leave or what this new region is?



damn they put you in a locked region :slightly_frowning_face:


what does that mean exactly?


Players can’t come there from other regions and you cannot switch to another region


Do you know if it will ever change or is it locked forever?


I don’t see that region on the inbound/outbound list for region transfers so looks like it will be that way for awhile
@Shawn.Scopely or @JB.Scopely might be able to help you


This needs to be fixed real fast. Unfair


Whats the regions capacity? High or low?


Well since you just reinstalled the game why not jus uninstall it and start over fresh and hope you get put in a different region. Doesn’t seem like you have anything to lose.


It’s medium at the moment


I did. I reset my iphone, reinstalled and still got sent to Fairfield. Still unable to link my original account via facebook due to an error that pops up


wow not just me got locked regions