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Somewhat new to the game, but switched on. After starting my second region due my old phone dying, I’ve learnt alot about the game and want to be more competitive. I’m just so far behind the curve on this server due to starting it late and my own misplay while learning all the aspects of the game. Any advice on starting a new region? as far as I’m aware I need to get a new device to find the newest region, but is there a way to tell how old it is? How often do they release new regions? Idm waiting if I can start day one and what’s the best way to keep my current progress on this server

First, link your account to Facebook so you don’t lose progress again. You can scout other regions if you go to your options or is it settings. Hit regions. It should have a pull down menu with a list of regions. You can tell how busy they are by the activity rating. You can start a new guy in any territory, with out transferring. And scout out where you like then transfer.

New regions are not shown in the list of available regions for older accounts. He’s looking for a brand new region to play in, and he’s correct, you need to start a new account on a device that’s never had the game installed before to get into a new region.

Scopely does not advertise when new regions are opened. Other than starting a new account on a new device every day, the best method there is for determining which region is new is to watch the CRW region match post when it’s made and check if any regions on there are new since the last post.

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The “CRW region match post” is something in the forums ay? CRW’s happen once a fortnight correct?
If I have a new device, I can only use that to check for a new region once? Is there anyway of uninstalling to restart the game entirely?

Actually now that I think about it I think I remember something about needing to factory reset?

Thank alot for the current help LadyGreek

Use a new device or factory reset one

Hang on, does anyone know about factory reset helping? I just tried and it didn’t did I mess something up?

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