New region for global


All region for global are at high capacity.
Any news, that when new regions will come?



Think man want to know when new region open to move to.

Then learn make fire.


Shane mentioned something about the new EN region but I’m struggling to fond that post


Well, it will arrive this week.
And i hope it will open for all prestige player!


Iv been checking daily along with a few others. I pm her and she’s finding out from liveops


I pm her earlier, she said the this week a new region arrieve to EN, and i hope it will open for all prestige not only lower or newbies.


I hope so to. I need outa my current region it’s toxic. Got a couple guys moving also. But like you say I’m hoping all prestige are welcome I’m pres 11


New region is opening! Jeff Davis!


Awsome already in :slight_smile:
Got a faction running to