New Recruits Wanted

We have a vacancy open for someone to join us before CRW. We will be out of FA lockdown in the next hour or so if anyone is interested. Looking for highly active players as we have minimum event requirements and milestone requirements for CRW. We are currently in the top 15 on the global leaderboard! Always finish first in region events and rarely finish outside top 5 for CRW. We don’t recruit rosters, we favour activity to be more important and have a great balance of F2P and P2P players. Hit me up if you are interested and we can invite you to our Line recruitment room for a further chat! It will be a great place to come before restrictions roll out on region transfers and looking to fill that spot before CRW!


:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: interest is peaked



Man I guess I don’t make the cut :cry:no reply

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Sorry took me ages to work out how to send a pm to someone I haven’t had one from lol :joy: I’ve not had to send one as people had sent one to me first lol

Still won’t allow me to message you. If you’re interested in joining / finding out more then drop me your line in a pm and I can invite you to the recruit room so you can ask any questions etc you may have?

4 strong players looking for a move

Still looking for a strong faction? PMed you my line