New recruit roadmap. Don’t waste energy and items


Don’t waste anything in the new recruit roadmap. Myself and everyone in my faction have only received bronze mods for completing. Not worth the energy and items used needed to complete. Scopely messes this up big time. This should be the legendary gear roadmap.


Energy and items are free… so kinda worth the chance at a gold mod.


If it was a straight up gold, sure. Bleed mods can gtfo without a lacerator.


ik violent Violet is impossible to beat. even with Maribella


I didn’t do it for the mods , actually I did it for 50 medals lol


Insane defense. Stage after have two Marlons with 36k attack


Use your items. Elegant Incense, grenades, and the tear and nerve gas grenades.


Whaaaaaa? Lost twice… you fucking serious???


Turn1: flash bang violet, 5x AP mine violet, nerve gas every1, hit her with davie, attack others
Turn2: hit her with davie, active stun, attack others
Turn3: hit her with davie, attack others, rinse and repeat

violet is not hard to beat.


Nope but she hits like a damn truck


buddy of mine says to use Stun weapons.Haven’t tested it


I used stun weapons and had her stun for a few minutes but couldn’t do any damage cause of her evasion and all my attacks were doing 0 damage so i flee and came back with a ranged team and some grenades and that was the end of her lol.



Just take this as something challenging for once and stop crying. Dont tell others not to do it just because your faction got shit. I enjoyed the roadmap and took the bronze mods with a smile.


Go in last stage with red and blue vials… bring grenades… and salts.

Then use all ur grenades off the bat… and then red vial one line ( hope u get 4 toons only to kill) red vial the line with 2. Then blue vial them all… then go on hitting the dog guy in the line u used red vials on… both dog guys have to die first while u stun koa with shiva or something…

repeat as necessary


Not true pulled 1 gold mod


I need those medals to ascend Kal within the duration of this map (247). Mod is definitely not worth it but any chance for legendary medals is worth it if you can accomplish it.


Well on ur team u only need 1 person or mod to burn … (the best one u can do) and since bleed stacks per instance a bleed mod on every toon makes great mince meat outa some teams… a good bleed build can be pretty darn seriously destructive…


I give all my toons a gold bleed mod and my defense team gives up to 500k bleed if you attack 1 toon


Damn teach me the ways of 500k bleed. (Yeah Ik it’s a simple mistake)