New Recruit Inbound: Meet Lydia!


Hey Survivors,

While roaming around the alleys at Scopely HQ, I’ve been fishing for some exclusives for you :slight_smile:

… a new recruit has been sighted!

Being naturally stealthy, covered under her mask, she’s slated to make her grand entrance by midnight today! (12am PDT) :ghost:

Meet Lydia

Stats and Skills


Beware of the Masked Lady!



why is she promo :(. She’s one of my fav comic book chars. Lmao after they release the BLUE Andrea. A yellow is released.

It seems all new premiers will have a special weapon with a god tier ability. Will Legacy ascendables get special weapons too?
Dammit you took 300 away from me rip


Comme on promo?


lol all those “i’m done spending” people going to have a hard decision to make


Lydia finally in game!! Welcome!


I would spend 100 bucks for dis 5x better than Erika toon, but I’m saving for a guitar


damn! Jesus and Magna shield teams be op as hell right now.


Yay another op af toon exactly what we needed! Thank you scopley YAY


So her AR is an Upgraded Erika,Her leader skill is the same as Garrett,She has the same active skill as Mira and Kenny and she has an AD Weapon with Hp like Glenn? OP!


i cant say what i want to say about this


Killing the f2p one promo at a time




Meh 85 ap.

Seems to me she’s a op tower counter?


had to get people to open there wallets up again somehow after annigate


I’m just fine with my blue Garrett tyvm


Yeah me too. Although they managed to make his bonus hp look lackluster now


Damn, you sure they don’t wanna give her anymore bonuses while they’re at it?

You do realize how many specialist skills are missing from legacy toons right? @JB.Scopely


Seems like a copy paste of the Glenn from a few weeks back with another absolute defense weapon. Toon is nothing special imo.


So can i get an advance on my league coins so i can try for this toon lol?