New recruit final mission


Personally on an attack team I don’t see a point in sheilds that’s why I used revives to my advantage as they still do damage as a shield won’t unless he is give a reflect damage weapon


The rushes would take out my revives before, when not using a shield.
With a shield, I can put the revive in the opposite corner and revive the shield when he dies.


I know you don’t have Regina but how I did it was a stacked maim and that seemed to work nicely decamping the slowly one at a time


Mitigating damage, especially if he doesn’t want his team to die, can be useful on offense or defense if you have the right set-up.

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Exactly but it doesn’t seem to have a lacerator but a hemirage could work as a faction mate beat it using some defence toons and the ascendable Abraham


Do you have any other toons tat aren’t as maxed out as the others


I Finished the roadmap. It just took a while with multiple revive, shield and decap. I think that is the most energy I have ever spent on a roadmap, never mind a single stage of one!

Generally, My toons are usually tier 3/4 maxed or nothing at all. There are a couple that I work on at a time, but they get levelled quickly.

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On part one stage one I had Eric lead with disarm Michonne her shield is 1300 and behind Eric who gives 40% def she came in over 1700,now part 3 same team Michonne came in def of 1070 am I missing something as to why her def is so low on this stage

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