New recruit final mission


Does anyone have any tips for the Final stage on the “New Recruit” roadmap?

I don’t usually have too many problem with these type of roadmaps and I just choose the right faction supporter, but with this one, you have to use Sherry who absolutely sucks!

She pretty much dies in the second round, followed closely by the rest of my team and was wondering what teams people were using that’d completed it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Focus toons, so I have to try to work my way through the shield which has an insane amount of HP.


For the shield use stun, taunt, confuse actives (Kal/Wyatt etc) - they have no resists so CC is ultra effective. I took SR Zeke in I believe for the 60% ATT/DEF and it was fairly straight forward there.


Is this the sherry one?


SR Zeke is so underrated.

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I don’t have any of those toons, but that is what my main PVP team looks like. lots and lots of taunt that I can continually keep any shields taunted, but it doesn’t help on this roadmap as everyone just gets confused by Yumico and I lose taunt on their shield.

A correction to the initial post. Sherry ALWAYS dies first round.


So im guessing it is the sherry one?


If so then this is the team I used


It’d be easier to post what team you used.

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I had 4 of them stacked with defence and Bruce with attack and I gave the blues impair guns and and greens stun weapons


I’ve gone through 7 cans so far trying different combinations of teams.

I have the following toons levelled and with mods:

Kal (Yellow Neut)
Ezekiel (yellow Guardian)
Sandy (Decap and Revive)
Andrea (Blue)
Andrea (Red)
Dwight (Double Tap)
Shiva (Winter Edition)
Yumica (Blue)
Ezikiel (League)
Garrett (Green)
Alpha (Decap)


Eric lead seems to be best with Bruce as he is a must and you definitely need a decap to prevent reviving and use revives to your advantage as they don’t have any decaps on that team but makes sure they heal the team as well I eouldn’t use active skill revives as it is just a revive


Uhh just off the bat. If you have Koa, Sherry shouldn’t be dying on turn 1, 2, or 3 that easily. Yumiko’s Confounding is the biggest issue for Koa’s Shield, so get some stun weapon or disarm procs on her to stop her from using activating her specialist. (Disarm will reduce her chances by negating her crit weapon, that or lower her HP so the conditional effect won’t proc.)

I used this team, but given your list of characters, you really should have no issue.


It is easily fixed as all he needs to do is give Koa a confuse resist mod problem solved


I just went for the weaker characters and used Shawn and his focus and attack up, worked fairly well.


I would go Eric lead, Glenn, bruce, alpha decap and solange


Which sandy is that by the way as I don’t think there is a decap and revive one, might be wrong


one of each


If Koa ever gets low, he might need to not defend, so there are times where Yumiko will target others. Up to how the OP wants to handle it.


i won with this team


Thanks. I did it with a variation of this team. Koa with confuse resist for Glenn. Plenty of my toons died, but the dual revive worked well and I decapped one at a time with Alpha.