New record for survivor drops?

I have set a new record for the amount of survivor drops on stage 25-8.

You have got to be kidding me…


No DuDe I oNcE gOt 30 LiLlItHs


Survivor drops…not character drops.20190403_094414

Already happened to me.
Through all the stages, you received a character instead of survivors.


if that is the first time you have had 0 drop, consider yourself pretty lucky. happens to me all the time.


Never had 0 on 25-8. I’ve gotten 140 a few times and 160 once. Gotten 8 or 16 plenty of times, which pisses me off too. Never even a 0 with a bronze token. Gotten 0 on low stages and roadmaps, just never on a high stage like this.

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I get that zero a few times a week even with holding both territories and using drop leads. the issue is from my own deduction, is when you get so many 2* toons they limit the survivors found. But I agree with you, and share the frustration when i see that. its already a struggle enough to keep my training grounds going, i hate to see a zero of anything less than 10

If chars drop on a stage, survivors do not. You were lucky and every stage dropped chars!:+1:

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that makes so much sense, i don’t pay attention to what drops each wave, just hit auto and replay when its done each time.

I do not remember if i ever got zero…but probably

not my inventory. stolen off google

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That’s what you get dude

Dude, I got the same exact thing the other might. Wtf?!

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