New Raulito Story Roadmap is

A satire. In the first cutscenes, he is called an “opportunist” (gee, that sounds familiar - Scopely called the players opportunists despite fitting this category themselves) who tries to still extract some money wherever possible (just what Scopes had been doing during the past 3 years). During the first part of the roadmap he tries to get others on his side (just like Scopely tried to downplay the players’ rage after the article), but they refuse and he kills them (just like Scopely tried to clean up the evidence and block accounts of some players). Then he goes to whoever is in charge and overthrows him which sounds like not too far off Scopely dreaming about taking Kookland down.


Yo let’s not turn raultio into a scopley dabacble pimp pimp
I like it when leagues sandy teases and treats me ya know what in saying

Its not that deep my guy…

I was just looking for similarities with the current fiasco this company is having, nothing serious.

Isn’t this the 2nd roadmap for him? Sales must be down

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