New Raids Rankings

Is this for real ?? @JB.Scopely

Cause if so it will be the time when i start not using raid cans , yay !!


6 mods and t3 gear what else do you want

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not the ponit… no more 100+ ranks…

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Looks like faction raid rankings


It only rewards 50 players smart a$$


The raid is solo for one coming up

Wouldn’t be the 1st time scopely has ran the wrong tourney or rewards


That’s a faction event so

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Faction event is on the weekend not on Monday !!! Are you new to the game ? It’s been like this since sliced bread


I’m saying those rewards in that picture is from a faction event dumbass


Check VK before running your mouth

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This is total bs they need to go back to there old ranking system where top 100 get that prize cutting it down to 50 is not only going to drive more people away but people are going to do even less because if they don’t have enough fills to go for top 50 they might as well not raid at all because the prizes suck after 50

This should be a mistake. Faction reward wrongly assigned to solo event. Hope they will be fixed when launched.

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You have a of them fixing it but if you pay 99.99 plus tax you will get %1

Hopefully, but it ain’t that glenn or coins box mistake that got fixed so fast this actually affects the player experience like say territories, countless crashes, etc…

not actually both vk says its solo and it is shown as solo raid in calendar aswell.

Still doesn’t mean it’s not a mistake in loading in prizes. Level up still goin up to 2000. No reason why they would suddenly switch solo raid to top 50 only unless it was a mistake. And since there is still like 15 hours until raid starts there is plenty of time for them to fix it; which I would bet any amount of money on them doing.

Sweet time to kick back do nothing and play other games. See ya in a day rts :sunglasses:

hope you are right but scopely’s record sheet is not so bright with full of screw ups so we should be prepared to anything imo :smiley:

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They would claim VK got the wrong info when we all know it’s Scopely who got it wrong and scramble to fix it. One of these days, we should just stay silent about leaks and see a fuck up being released.