New raid bosses?

Can we get some new raid bosses? Kinda know this is asking much, but just bringing it up to attention. Like, I know Negan is cool and all that stuff but having diffent raid bosses would make the game less repetitive. Give a new museum collection with a new 5* ascendable toon but the items to obtained can only be obtained through the bag from that raid…

Sooo… now that I said that. I wanna see what kind of bosses you people can make up.

Like, dunno. Some zombie boss would be nice(being a zombie game and all). Like a “mob of zombies” boss in which the mob zombies is a statinary broken building or just an image of lots of zombies grouped together. Slowly as the fights drags on more and more zombies begin to appear. With higher stats on each fase and buff resistance alongside special effects kinda like “survival road”. Forcing the player to focus more on killing zombies before they become too many and kill his toons.

But, that is just my unpopular idea. What bosses do you guys think would be nice to have?

P.S. #lowermittensmilestones


I think they should take FA and expand on it. What I mean is, start out where Rick started out and expand on that. Like, the first major boss is Shane, then Governor, then that Fear the Hunters guy, and a ton of mid-level bosses and zombies to face. World Map barely has any relevance and in my opinion is so extremely boring, the new stages barely change anything. Besides, the only good that comes out of doing FA is a very small chance of getting a mediocre 6* Alert Tara, outdated 5 and 4 stars, and a smidgen of legendary gear and trainers. Make Faction Assault Great Again!


Agree on the world map… they could at least spice it out by making us face different enemies aside from those boosted 1* over and over till you reach world map 25…

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I cant recall exactly, or maybe im just imagining it, but i could have sworn one of the programmers mentioned they wanted to do more with FA ehen it first came out. Dont quote me but i remember him mentioning the governor and a helicopter???

I like that Idea, also they said theyw ere doing a governor assault but never did.:frowning:

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Dunno, if they do it I hope they actually do it RIGHT.

Bosses are supposed to have different phases. Sure. But you blow up negan’s tank. He retreats and brings back a new shiny tank? Were is the logic on that(even though we are talking about zombies that is just pushing it)

Should try to make boss fights more memorable. Like, face one is Negan and other special toons. Win the phase and Negan comes with a tank. Beat him, he retreats and another toon appears on the next phase while Negan is away. Beat that toon and now Negan comes back with a patched up tank as the final phase.

If it wont make them any money then they wont do it. To those concepts you need add something like this.
5 energy - 1 per 25 min
You can buy a 1 can for 200 coins. Why is it thta expensive? Be couse it is new feature, duh.
90% Grenade and other bad stuff
9% 4*
0.9% 5*
0.1% old 5* ascenables

should have waved of humans on one side and zombies on another, u have to decide which to attack

The Governour Assault was accidently leaked Ingame during the Summer Login. Should be done by now, but I guess we’ll have to wait until next year with that. Too much Greed from Scopely and too Low or No Profit from a new Faction Assault Boss. Figures

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No please. No, just no. What this game definitely does not need, is more RNG.

Anyone remembering Tara? How long is FA out now? Most people I know still don’t have her (in a usable form).

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This is actually referring to FA, not individual raids. There are limited scenarios to choose from.

Make Scopley the final boss

Did your faction pay the 200$ to unlock it? Don’t worry. It may be 200$ but everyone from the faction can pay to unluck it, extra bosses and final boss come in dlc though.

Of course I read the title. I took it a step further and actually read the OP’s full suggestion regarding changes to faction assault. To comment without doing so would leave me I’ll-informed, would it not?


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