New rabbit event

Why it has to be a fking dead rabbit, why??? Is so cruel, is Christmas time when everyone is happy and u can feel the magic in the air and u make an event with dead rabbits??? Why not some Christams decoration, globes, or idk but not dead rabbits, u sick ppl


Omfg its only pixels…dont be mad at it…you can have nice shiva for 2000 coins(rabbit crate)

Or wait till scopes give us more rabbits.


prefer xmas ornaments, lol have a shit ton still from last yr.

I don’t know why you play a game in the walking dead franchise if you’re freaking out over a dead rabbit. There’s literally human corpses eating children.


Rabbits represents the players…
They will be dead by the time they get the yellow shiva

No one tell OP about Watership Down…


dead rabbits ftw

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Troll post?

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i like white shiva, idk if i do that much tho. lower the crate cost and i may go hmmm