New purple tokens

When is scopely going to make it to were us non spending players can have a chance to get them so we can have a chance at doing those pulls for the assended or assendables

It’s looking like F2P players will not be able to get them. That’s just my opinion so far though. Dont see them giving them away.


How about never. Spend when they have promos or dont. They literally gave everyone characters that people had to spend for, why make it where people complain get a chance for something people spend plenty on.


It’s 90 days, quit overreacting. 1st 2 months will be p2p then roadmaps will start popping up


I hope never. f2p have been given multiple characters over the last few months, what more do you want? Do you seriously think f2p players should be able to keep up with people who spend thousands? That should literally never happen. You literally wouldn’t have a game to be f2p in without people spending, so don’t get salty about about not being able to get a few purple tokens which give access to a wheel with characters in that people have spent hundreds if not thousands in trying to get.

And the rest of us hope you pull nothing but Barkers and Abes. :woman_zombie:


Isn’t it bizarre when p2p barge into these threads and violently object to f2p getting nice things? Does it not occur to them that they too will get whatever f2p players get, and then some? I’m p2p/ f2p (depending on my mood) and I say hell yeah, give us all the things.


Not sure what is going on with it.Would whales even want from that wheel???

It’s an P2P event. Deal with it… Erika is in there, it won’t be free.

I’m a scopely basher but they have been giving us plenty of free toons over the last few months. I don’t mind if they reward the p2p players once in a while… 250 five star tokens for a forty pull is disgusting.

violently object to f2p getting nice things? they’ve been given multiple nice things…for months on end…this one particular wheel should be p2p only.

you sort of proved my point a little bit more… if I did end up spending the amount of cash needed for a pull and got a 5* barker or abe… and you slowly but surely accumulated the tokens in a f2p manner and pulled a 6* Erika, how happy do you think I would be? fact is I know people that have pulled for Erika every time she’s popped as a promo (and spent upwards of 500 bucks) and not gotten her. that’s why it should stay as a p2p wheel

How happy would us f2p players be (I’m partially f2p, I don’t spend thousands but I was reeled in by Scopely a few times) if p2p players dominated everything with, idk, a full team of Erikas (Just an example)? If you get a 5 star Barker or Abe from there, that teaches you to only pull from Premier, so you would stick to that. F2p players are players too, not saying we deserve EVERYTHING p2p players get, but we deserve a chance to catch up.

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So you’re saying that you’re entitled to get her over those that have spent less? I got my Erika in one of my two regions off a ten pull. Saying a wheel should be strictly p2p because you didn’t get what you wanted is foolish.

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F2p get assended all the time, but at least they aren’t paying for it.

hahahaha of course as you are a p2p player (p2w) and do not want to spend so much money and that another f2p player who participates every day in war, Faction lvl up or Faction assaults and is there with his F2P pjs, trying to survive in game where the most important thing is the money that the fun, can not get a really good pj hahahaha, you can not really play and enjoy, but quiet, if you are in your top 1 region with your Faction, I congratulate you simply you are good at spending money, because I guess how you put yourself that you’ve spent a lot and you do not want people like me f2p (that since I started playing a year ago) and been constantly fighting to get to the top 1 Faction without spending like you can not get something from That roulette, it is still happy spending in a game that does not give you something really useful in return in your good life and believe me I’m simply giving no opinion and what I think, about your comments that I really do not find a bit of sense, because if you spent $ 500 for a pull in that roulette you’re crazy, seriously crazy, do not you think it’s better to be f2p and you get a repeat pj than spend that money and have the same result? you only think about that.

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I’m f2p and I got 5 of them from a 10 pull, so all I have to do is complete a thousand tapjoy offers so that I can do another 10 pull and then I’ve doubled my lucky coins! :neutral_face:

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