New Proposal - so much crying


Quite tired of all the crying… So

  1. close alot of regions

  2. Just make war CRW only.

Then we avoid…

Factions crying about getting stomped during AOW…

Factions moving because everyone fled, so only choice left is to move…

Constant movement screwing everyone’s league chances due to trash activity levels because players lack grit…

Atleast until we get those special competitive regions and those faction transfer we talked about.

Please and thanks @JB.Scopely


Never understood why there is anymore AOW… didn’t even need region transfers if every war was crw.


Nah we needed it. Could barely keep 24 hr going.

Was always fun continuing the rivalries.


I’m all for war Being CRW only!
Also, I keep hearing talk of an all competitive region or whale region, you and I both know that would never work, because whether they say it publicly or not, 90% or more of the “whales” aren’t going to want that, they don’t want to dump so much money and time into this game and not take first. And the current prize structure keeps that mentality in place.


lol CRW only would screw mid-level facs over more because of the poor reward structure compared to AOW


Honestly having trouble figuring out if the rewards are deserved with all the crying going on because a faction moves in.

Oh no, I dropped a spot when x, y, z showed up. The world is falling apart.


Crying about the criers lol seems legit carry on.


They should definitely force dead regions to merge. Better for most parties involved.

Im not sure if every war should be a CRW. Obviously CRW is a highly anticipated event, but that’s what adds to keeping it fun. The surprise factor of the opponent’s strength, the insane battles… I cant imagine that being as much fun if we had it every 2 weeks.


sobbed the loudest


Yea I agree but I think at least they get matched with factions they can beat more often. But yea, the prize structure is miserable. But if your coming in third place in AOW by losing 80 percent of your wars that’s not fun either, even though there are better rewards.


Why should they force dead regions to merge? I’m in a region that has 7 active factions and a few other part timers. There’s hardly ever downtime during AOW. If players are unhappy in dead regions, they should transfer to a more lively region (but then not complain when they get worse rewards).


They need at last to make a seeding phase for all seasons instead of just the first, to make it more fair to the players that transfered to a competitive region, but sudenly found themselves in a dead place because everyone transfered out


If every war is going CRW, then why not just put all the top factions together in one region anyway, and let them duke it out every other weekend? Same effect, but, will leave the middle class do do their own thing. Please stop only looking at this issue from your point of view, and consider some others. Might make people more receptive to your versus your posts I’ve been reading all day today.


Usually enjoy most your level headed ideas and posts but this literally just sounds like complaining and crying about the very same.

Rewards not deserved cause people are “crying” come on bud.

This game and the people who run it perpetuate and almost demand people to bitch, moan, whine and complain to try and get them to do what they should nm anything else.

Not to mention its a legit gripe. To pay the same or put in the same effort you always have but to be getting less is 0 good.

Who wants to get less? Especially when your saying they should just shup up not complain and take less so the higher up factions can essentially get what they want.

In a top 3-4 faction and this still sounds terrible…


The only way to stop the whining overall would to be closing this game down. Even then, people would still whine about it being closed down


I definitely agree


So this. I don’t like a lot of posts and look who are most liked. But, man, today… what a load.


i been saying this. i want the crw format for blitz and aow war events. crw: 8 regions (8v8), aow: 4 regions (8v8), blitz: 2 regions (6v6). that should nullify atleast 90% of the crying. the other 10%…well those the mfs that gonna cry regardless of what is done. but vet, thats a lot of crying going on. riiight…:expressionless::thinking::smirk:


Just giving it back. That is all. Large vocal portion of the player base wants iteasy. Sat here watching non sense and top factions being vilified by players who could move on without the whining and not reflecting on the situation they are making. At this point I’m past it.

If everyone wants to have an enemy, I’ll be that guy. Makes it more entertaining for me anyways.

Its clear no one wants that. It’s also clear a large fraction of the players base do not want to be around those who are stronger and might knock them down a peg. Only way to fix it is completely randomized match ups. No one is in control so all this non sense can be focused on the developers and not fellow players. Crw does that for everyone. Purely random/developer controlled.

Doesn’t come free. Takes alot of effort. Seems you diminish what it actually takes. And no, it’s not just $$$$. Higher ups are just trying to play the same as everyone else.


Lmao BS it’s not just $$$$ without shields, revives, and instas whales are nothing