New promotion System coming

It will most likely turn out the same way, BUT here is Scopes chance to Balance \ Bring more players up a notch.

Looks like a new resource is needed to promote a maxed 6s. So make the FIRST resource you can’t BUY. I know it hits the bottom line, but maybe more people will spend now on other things. I am sure the quantity of big spenders is down. Just look at the current TOC. so many just sitting on the side because it isn’t worth it. that is the first step to not spending.

So promotions should work this way.

  1. Start with Gen 1 6s. and release a promotions for character in the order released. Most of the FTP players all have these and they have mostly become obsolete. Not now as they can be promoted.
  2. Give 1 of the required item to PROMOTE each day as a login prestige reward
  3. give as rewards in SOLO tournaments only. very little 3, 2, 1,1,1 so that the top 100 or so get at least 1.

Do it this way and FTP players will become more competitive and so will all the players as they will see they can stand up a bit to the new META. It just wouldn’t be right to allow the newest to be promoted already.



Look for the hidden posts by @How2Zombies


look at the picture of Amber. it says Veteran rings 0/150

and you might be able to adjust the promotion boost too

They are all removed friend :smile:

It would be great if S-class was available only to legacy toons. Promo cards are way too op anyway, no need to make them stupid op.

Since its very hard to score top placement in the solo tournament on busy servers it will be even harder for f2p ppl. If you need 150 rings and get 1 ring per top100 you still need at least a year to get them. Even if you receive one each day, thats 2 chars in a year. I think the rings will be survivors club exclusive since they will not add a new toon. By the time you maxed this character the meta has shifted so much that the char is mostly useless anyway.

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