New promo wheel offers needing money spent and getting nothing for money unethical

So coming to the end of the event I feel this needs to be spoken about.

I have mentioned this in discord but had no response (at the start of the event)

When purchasing items on the offer for promo wheel tokens you are purchasing for the chance of quills, self hats and letters that get redeemed in the missions.

Now whilst people would moan if there was items in the shop that give an rng chance for something then nothing and rightly so, the way this highly convoluted levels of purchase needed people seem to let it go.

I purchased alot of the tokens for chances at wheel pulls for more self hats, throughout the possible 200/300 pulls if not more there was no quills pulled (as per usual) but what was pulled was normally 50/50 hats and letters.

Whilst the elf hats add to a total for tickets on the roadmap which is needed for teddy bears, the letters is another story completely. You could literally pull 5/10 letters and not one of them be claimed in missions tab because they are duplicates and or not on the actual mission words.

This is literally the same as buying coins then doing a 40 pull and having 20 of the 40 toons pulled be blank, nothing. You cant use these for anything, playing, leveling up, raiding, selling for depot tokens or using as ascendable fodder.

I think this needs to be raised as a real issue as some players have spent to get far in the event and was hampered with these 0 in game items


I agree on this I did 500 pulls or more , bought the 650 coin bags got alot of the 30k tokens ( all tapjoy joins) and got 1 gold quil and 0 silver quils

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You’re buying a chance. If you know the odds before you do it you cant complain afterwards that you didnt get what you wanted.
The best way to get Scopely to change it is to look at the odds and if you dont like them, dont spend money on wheel pulls.


The game was relatively transparent about this though, with an inbox message telling you what the items you could expect were (with an unfortunate delay, in the future they should have this info available immediately).

It’s a lottery, and you can pull a blank. I saw the odds and noped out of that part of the event.


When Scopely makes the odds box in the wheel itself meaningless unless you get/recall the secret key sent to your inbox, that’s an intentional attempt to be less transparent.

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Kind of like selling green bananas. :thinking:

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True, it should have been handled differently, but an inbox message is hardly secret. The event was needlessly complex. and the list of rewards and their types may have been just too large.

I’d hope people at least look at things before they spend their money/coins. I’d avoid the pure casino parts of the game. they’re mostly traps.


Nobody forced you to spend money on this game . You did that on your own now live with it


Until you guys give your money to them for literally nothing in exchange they wont change and continue giving us extremely low score gambling offers. Its not scope fault but the ppl who still pays thousands monthly…


Well i for one am not complaining. Yeah i did that on my own and now im living with it. :slight_smile:

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We’ll get ready for the next p2p overpriced event that will most likely be here in the next few days .

Yes but once you spend here you’re committed for the duration. It doesn’t mean oh well you spent money you’re screwed. Everyone has the right to speak their mind and in this case it’s not a casino EVERYTHING purchased must have a value otherwise why dont they make ALL Purchases a chance for something and a chance for nothing.

Too many people on the forum are just so blindsided to their needs and wants that they dont see the bigger picture. All items must have a value otherwise the pay to play feature will only get worse. Its heading that way and if you bury your heads in the sand saying should know what you’re getting into and it doesn’t concern me then when everyone stops spending the game goes bye bye

And yet you still pulled 200~300 times… Why should they care?


You knew you had a chance to get nothing but kept spending. While I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money that just seems stupid to me (I have spent on this game but only if there is a return). And no I don’t play the lottery for the same reason nor do I go to a casino to gamble. I choose to spend my money on things that give me a return on my investment.


I agree to an extent that the odds are ridiculous, and the way all these toons are being released as well. You know going in that it is an rng purchase. You can’t compare this to going to the store, and buying something cause that is now how they sell their product. What you are complaining about sounds more like going to the casino knowing your odds of winning are unlikely, and then getting mad at the casino cause the slot machine did not let you win. Personally I got sick of the odds so I just stopped spending.


Agreed, if you spent a bit of time working out how much you might need to spend to get s-class princess you would realise it probably wasn’t worth it .


Sounds specifically like he’s complaining about the times when the slot machine appears to give something useful (letters) which are in fact not.
OP- you got duped into forking over $ for little to no value, welcome to scopelys mobile casino. Maybe you ve learned something for next time.

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He needs to learn to quit spending. I’ve probably spent about $500 overall, but just stopped because it just doesn’t feel worth it anymore.


And, in addition to what you say and i agree with, there is always the question if their odds are honest. Remember buckets?

Just keep spending :disappointed_relieved: