New Promo Holly


elusive all teamm, elusive 2 turns + guardian 2 for all yellow toons with abs on weapon… and if shes being impair or stun, wait for her active skill with 35% ap all teamm…pair with lydia shes cured from stun, pair with Yvette shes cured from impair…so imba! 1 Jesus abs, 1 lydia abs, 2 Holly and Yve abs…


For attaque team, double huge + cmd = oppenent team is block 2 at turn 2 for 2 turn

You can play in auto.

Holy shit is good in attaque and in defense.
def mod with heal, crit, anti stun, pa and def yellow…


Vast majority only have Ty decap, who’s at best largely trait disadvantaged in the current Lydia yellow/blue meta




Or spend all your xmas money on pulling 40 4 stars


Whats missing on that list is a red or yellow that leads reds/yellows… so many green/blues but not a single red/yellow…


I hear the whales on the horizon, breaking out the wallets.


that’s a discriminatory comment. what about other marine mammals?? what about cute little seal pups?? what about dolphins??


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