New Pricing Strategy


So I have noticed recently that there have been a few “offers” which seem to be a lot more modestly priced. I for one welcome this, generally I see mobile gaming as casual and will never spend more than £10 at a time. These recent offers of a few bucks seem more up my street. Scopley may benefit from increased volumes at lower amounts rather than expecting very few people to drop £100. Thoughts?


Should of done this from the start. The $1 deal for shirts and gloves was great. The $10 deal for a weapon and a bunch of random stuff is confusing.


Yep, I agree. I won’t spend until existing 5-stars are made ascendable at a faster rate. If that happens, there are several offers I’d gladly buy.


There’s always a market for cheap quality deals. I’m all for them. Like you I can’t justify dropping a hundred dollars but 5 or 10 here and there for something I need, sure.


I am more likely to purchase 15 smaller but valued offers in a month, than spend $100 on any offer…

Even though in the long run I did spend more, I “feel” like I had a better return on my investment and spread my value and playing out over a period of time.

If they put up more reasonable lower cost offers, I will be inclined to spend again.

However without major major changes to the game and region mergers, my days of multi 40 packs and heavy coin offers are long long gone. If you want money from me, it will be in nickels and dimes on VALUE offers.


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