New Premium Map


Holy shit! It’s finally arrived! Yay


Sadly I am 32 earrings short from getting that GPS :frowning:


How do you earn earnings again? I only had 17


Buy it, as always


Anyway to squeeze $ from us…


U could get them from the first 3 milestones from events. Not sure if they are going to continue this though.


Simple, don’t buy any, I thought we weren’t spending anymore until we get the .99 cent offer that everyone else got


I remember getting then for free from a raodmap I think


Greedy as always. Complete garbage.


Just another greedy cash grab. They’re not getting a cent out of me till the pricks make it right and give Everyone the .99¢ offer!!


Smoke and mirrors. Misdirection. I’m not spending anything until they give us the offers. This earring thing reeks of desperation.


This typo made me chuckle



Yay, the legendary gear roadmap we were promised is finally here!!! … Oh wait… It’s locked behind a pay wall! Thanks scopely :rage:


pahaha isn’t it supposed to say pearl earrings?


And now the next slap, we just need to put the other cheek.
I am sure I have more than 112 earrings I am supposed to have right now.
Where are the rest of them scopely?
Many of my faction mates report the same issue.
If you don’t want us to be able to run over this premium new map without spending a dime, at least be a little more intelligent and use another thing as energy.
Sorry to see you are always trying to get the worst part of us.


I had some leftover earrings, so I got to do a few stages…


The amount of lows scopely hit really knows no bounds the items in that roadmap should be free and attainable not paid for access. They never change.


Are any earrings going to available to FTP? Last time they were event prizes, but between the candles and cakes and belts and now earrings, it seems rather crowded.


Good question! Though i think candles maybe finished, if u completed every map, and hit all milestones, u should have the 8k required for 6* green garrett. We’ll see soon enough when war starts. :slight_smile:


I collected all candles available and an 40 candles short.