New Premium Collection/Roadmap- Review

Did you want legendary gear? For a price, you can have it! Act 1 of this new roadmap dishes out some gear for t4ing your legendaries, and for the price of 60 Spark Plugs, you can earn-
-3 Knife Sheaths
-2 Whetstones
-900 Coil Springs

Act 2 hands out even more gear, but this time it gives out gear available in the Supply Depot and for the same price of 60 Spark Plugs-
-3 Practice Dummies
-2 Double Holsters
-900 Coil Springs

Act 3 is where the f2p will flock to dispose of their free Spark Plugs as quickly as possible. They will earn 400 Coil Springs from the first two stages and then that’s that. For the lower price of 50 Spark Plugs, you can net 1200 Coil Springs and a Lilith and Ulysses.

Now for the museum collections! For 600 Coil Springs, some T4 gear will be handed out. Impossible for the f2p to get, though it is a nice bonus for everyone else.
Violet costs 3,000 Springs, which is achievable through completing the entire roadmap- beating S9-S10 teams and using up 170 Spark Plugs, which are currently valued at $5 for 10 of them. Supposing Scopes keeps on this path, $80 must be spent to get Violet, and 130 Spark Plugs will be used up to net Cole, so $60 for him.

All in all? Spend money and get gear, Violet or Cole. Don’t spend and sit around for the entirety of the event wishing you had 200 more Coil Springs.*

*Disclaimer- All of these calculations are invalid if Scopes hands out more plugs


Yawn in other places far away from rts


Here’s a review… It’s a P2P roadmap. If you don’t want to pay for it, don’t do it. Simple.


That’s the minimum price, assuming no fails on the roadmaps. I’m sure the payers have enough juice to auto on through, and then complain they got a dupe :joy:


Yep all the 6* gear maps that we have had should be plenty for any player. Scopely sure delivered on that one.

Can’t understand why anyone would be complaining about a pay roadmap since tier 4 gear has been made so openly available with the maps that were promised to us and delivered,

oh wait.


Could someone please post the s10 teams you face in the last stage

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Great sales pitch, I’ll buy 7!


Only remember the 2 toons in stage 1 that would cause you problems were Yvette and guardian 2 Glenn.

Usually Scopely lets FTP have 1 or 2 moderate competition rewards from premium maps. A taste to get us interested.

Now they’ve downgraded from free samples to wafting the smells in our general directions and wondering why we’re glaring at them.


The real cost is 9.99 for 15 plugs, so buying the 99.99 you will get 150 plugs, with that you can finish almost every stage of the roadmap without diying… and also buying the starter pack… so 104.98 for a Violet could be a good deal

Oh god, my sides.


Just doing my maths, either way if anyone would buy the collection, that will help them

Until Sandy throws and buries her knife in Violet’s chest and then continues to take another green out with the same attack…

Keep spending :whale:


And then Tobin Shoots a full mag into sandys head,instantly killing her

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Who with half a brain would use Ty on Def? He’s way to slow and easy to control. Long dead before he can rush.


Who said anything about tyrese?I definitely didn’t edit it or anything

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$85 for cole is a good deal… and when I say good deal… I mean in scopely terms lol. Considering Diego was just about $250 or a forty pull can have you miss on cole, then it’s a good deal if people have the funds. Not necessarily a toon I would buy but again, he’s a nice control toon for those having issues with revives.

Lol yeah you said Tobin. He’s actually pretty common on def because of the gen 2 stats and the ab def gun

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It said tyrese before.

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Bring along a revive or a guardian shield to help protect. She rips through greens like a hot knife through butter which Eric tends to bring along with him.

Oh, and Louis don’t give two craps about ab def, impair, or stun.