New Premium Collection is a sham F2P & P2W gap widened

Hi @JB.Scopely,

If you could feed back this thread to the powers that be then that would be great.

I was excited to see a new museum collection with at last a chance to get magna. It’s hard of your free to play or an occasional spender to try and keep up with all these OP toon teams, so finally I thought yes!! Scopely got something right.

I was wrong…

Firstly there is no information of how to obtain gravy boats, unless you have spent previously getting an premier toon in the wheel.

And incidently, most ppl who have obtained via microtransactions one of the premier toons in the museum will automatically be able to get not only a Magna but a free weapon also, making it harder for f2p and occasional spenders and a pointless feat to even try and catch up. I don’t understand the thinking or logic, of having Magna immediately and only available to P2W players who probably already have those toon.

And this only widens the gap between f2p and p2p players.

Secondly, this AOW for many regions was very revealing… individual regions not having enough active faction to play to even reach the 50k, 100k, let alone the ridiculous 200k milestone for an AOW war. Then if a faction does have enough people to sign up and finally get into war, the meet a top dominating faction who have shields and revive teams exclusively… and now Scopely wants to give them one more freely?

No offense to P2W players but it must get boring to just play basically with yourselves cos with the OP teams they have no other faction stands a chance… hence why you see these dominating factions having 112 wins and 0 losses.

Allowing the immediate and free procurement of Another OP toon to P2W players, is just going to widen the gap, make the game more boring cos who wants to play a time out team and lowers morale of factions, causing retirements, frustrations and/or factions moving to another region then finally just giving up as most regions are much the same now, but if they wanna move again, now the have to obtain 1k in coins

Please I emplor Scopely to please correct this current landscape. Things really do need to change, regions are dying events like AOW cannot be supported any longer, because individual region activity is low or too dominated by 1 or 2 top OP factions. This only damages the game, the enjoyment and fun. Please rebalance the scales, cos like Morrisey sings, the joke isn’t funny anymore. Pls give us respite.


Premium collection featuring Premium characters.

I don’t see how it widens any gap, because they spent, they now get more gear, nothing that much wrong about it.


apparently, you missed an episode the survivors: scopely totally mocks f2p gamers, the museum’s new collection is still proof of that. So either you take out the credit card and spend your salary to hope to have Gabriel or harper, or you stop the game. But do not wait any more from scopely any compassion.

The fact that the collection item is a gravy boat is hilarious… Scopely riding the gravy train to another months supply of pancakes.

Well played, well played. :clap::clap::clap:


Here we go.

Big mouth strikes again!

but it’s a free shield
free for f2p
just have to spend 20k tk pull for those chard
but it’s free if u have them

the Museum Collection is bugged ^^… after i pulled for William and the 125 pieces of this Special Museum item… i don´t gont more than the 125 pieces… they won´t be stacked.

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Most P2w players already would have magna. and the people who can complete that collection will 90% already have magna… I don’t like that you have to pay to get her but it’s not widening any gap… cos the paying players likely already have a better team set up.

I personally will be able to get magna cos I haven’t spent my league coins for almost the entire season… and I don’t have magna… so it’s just good timing for me


It says 40 pull you will receive the following items. So you basically gotta pull 4 40 pulls to get enough gravy boats. Yeah another little trick Scopley added in. No longer 10 pull for additional rewards.

ahhh i don´t see this! I thought 10 pull for reward… ok thank you mate!

Lol, OP says free procurement of an OP toon… has to do 4 max pulls to receive magna… far from free. And like has already been said, those who are willing to pull like that already have teams you likely cant beat so there is no “gap” that is being widen this time around

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Yes so Magna would cost me around $600…

I don’t think I need my left kidney so, hell, let’s get on it!


Tell me this why shud f2p get toons that p2w have spend alot to get for free?

What is the point of them to spend then?
You think that is Fair?

Offcorse ppl that Pay Will get better stuff thats the point whit spending you know

And The war i scored over the last milestone ez we had 23 faction wared 15 that got over 10 wars and no im not in a top 5 faction i cant even scratch the top 3 faction players and we faced them alot

So dont you think that maybe its you that need to rethink your gaming instedd of blame every1 else


keep surviving

All i see in the museum collection is:

all its doing for me is giving me that many reasons not to spend in game anymore


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