New Premier Wheels and your chances

Can we please get feedback on how the new changes have affected you? I am receiving feedback from a few people who have done insane amount of pulls and not seen the premier advertised. The sentiment right now is if you do not get your premier after one or two big pulls then do not continue because you will not get that card.


I love the new system. Just Got Ryker, Lydia, and Gabriel in 10 pulls. Definitely worth the money. Rates are better now.


I hope th above comment is a joke or your extremely lucky. Not like odds were good before (apart from the double chances event) but now they are horrible … further the main reason is the advertised promo has no increased chances. And that promo is grouped with a bundle of other toons. Wayland promo has changed that though


Excellent troll post. Well done you win the internet


Come to think of it… I have only ever pulled the promo toon whenever there were “double chances”. And not all the time, maybe only 1/3 of the time…

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3 big pulls and 3 10s for Gabe got nothing even usable. There will be no more unless they change it.

6 Big pulls for Gabe and 2 x 10
Zero Gabe
2 x Big pulls were all 4*’s

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So sorry No Way :(((((

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Got Wayland after 2 40 pulls.
Still those odds are a scam. 2% to get an ascendable out of 16 toons, and those wheels are full of f2p toons.
Wayland wheel for example only has 3 promo toons (morgan, wayland, romanov, rest is bad or f2p) + that bag. That’s absurd!

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scopscam again

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Drop rates are god awful now. A 2* chance to get something even slightly useable is appalling. It basically screams that you need to spend over £100 on coins to get anywhere.
Ducking scam artists

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Over 8 big pulls. Nothing

1.0% is all you need to know buddy.



I did a single pull the other day and got yellow shield Jesus.


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The odds were and always are terrible. Doesn’t matter the type of wheel. They just keep smiling and laughing at us Everytime there’s a forty pull.

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Hope this teaches people not to go on crazy spending sprees (see one of the above comments).

I feeling for you all, been there really makes you want to rage quit, how did we get to the point where we are willing to spend so much on pixels, It’s just crazy prices and odds :(((((

I don’t understand why some of you are still spending money on pulls and then complaining about it being a scam. You know it is a scam and knew that before you pulled to begin with so there should be no excuses. We all know that when the next promo toon comes out, you will spend coins to pull, get nothing and call it a scam once again. Rinse and repeat.


Truly sorry to read this :frowning:

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