New players can't play with friends due to region locking?

Apparently brand new players are being locked into new regions and are unable to move or start over in any other region!? I’m not talking about transferring, I’m talking about starting over in the same region their friends are in. Why would Scopely not facilitate friends playing the game together, especially when they are likely to NOT PLAY AT ALL (and consequently not SPEND at all) if they can’t play with their friends?

Are there magic words we need to use with support in order to get restarted in the region with your friends? Support keeps saying the region is locked or they can not transferr. My friend does not want to transfer he wants to START OVER in my region. Why is that not allowed? Or what words do I have to use to make support understand the request?

Has anyone been able to get support to start them over in an existing/established/specific region with friends?


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Keep sending a message to support over and over and over again. Make sure you write it very clearly that you want to have your regions opened. Eventually, they will open the regions for you. It might take like ten tries.

lol. Already at 3 times but those were replies to the same thread. Maybe I need 7 more individual support requests then… will give it a try.

keepatit spendimosa?
I think this is what $copely really wants

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I’ve been trying to get them to let my new account on a device join a different region for 8 weeks, all I get is copy paste crap about transfer this and transfer that and blah, blah, blah. It’s pretty ridiculous having brand new accounts stuck in one region with no other option, but hey their loss in revenue.

Too many snowflakes complained about new regions opening and older players moving there to do the very same start over in a fresh region. Instead now people end up in established regions(as you cant find any others) where even if you plan on spending you could never make up the difference…

Top reason i put this game down right there. I cant start in a fresh region any longer.

PM me if you want to start fresh. Ladygeek.twd on Line

I see pros and cons. I was region hopping for a while before I finally went back to my og region.

The pro was that it would populate the regions when they were open. The closed one I was in was so boring with little activity in war because they were all new players who didn’t know how to play or were treating it as a dating website.

The con however was that the same factions would continue to region hop hoping to be the number 1 faction, until some Russians or hackers eventually came in and unseeded them. Then they left for the newest one to repeat after 6 weeks. They also had a huge advantage over newer players and obviously only recruited veterans with high prestige.

It’s kind of a double edge sword. Not sure which method is better.

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