New player trying to change region

Hey guys, i used to have an old account on this game, not that i want it to recover what i had since i know my team was trash and didnt know how to play. I remember having the ability to change regions and now im locked in one and can’t play with my friends. how am i suposed to change regions if i don’t see any?

You cant. They lock new regions and hide them in their own special place so the mega whales cant show up and devour them. Kinda makes a fake game so people dont see how bad things actually are

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Just hang in and build yourself up, you will be able to swap regions in a few months, in the meantime keys cost 1000 coins, so build up your coin and work towards some decent toons.

If he’s in a new region, when they open he should get a key for free.

You do not get 1 for free anymore. I know I did not when our region opened.