New player stuck in an isolated region



Hi everyone,
I know this problem has already been brought up, but since no one figured out a solution yet I’ll ask again hoping to find a solution.

A friend of mine just created an account and he is currently stuck in an isolated region, Beaufort(IT). When he opens the region menu, his region is the only one showing up. On the other hand, I am not able to see his region in my list.

We already tried to contact support and they said that there is no way to move the account in another region. When I was searching a solution to this problem I found some people claiming that they changed region by simply asking the support, it seems odd to me that this option is no longer available. Anyway, they also added that eventually the full list of regions will become available at some point.

Does anyone know if this is true?
And how long he will have to wait to see the full list?

Any information on the matter will be very helpful, thanks in advance to everyone


It’s the same for Fairfield. Seems lkie all new regions are all alone due to the transfers


He’s in a locked new region. No way in or out…


Yeah, I tried creating a new account with a different language and got stuck in Chester


The support guy told us multiple times that progressing in the game is the only way to unlock other regions. I asked in global chat if someone was able too see other regions and they told me they couldn’t…Adding this to what you just said, it seems like the support it’s just lying to us. But this makes no sense…Why lying?