New Player | Making my first team


Hello guys im a new player and I will like to get some help before training this characters, which of those I could use?

thanks in advance


That yumiko is the best on your roster. Work on her then the yellow Dwight next

Autocorrect is why I edited :rage::rage:


I figured :sweat_smile: thanks!


What’s Dwight’s leader skill? If he has an attacking leader skill, put him as your attack team leader, and Maggie as defense team leader. And then Kelly along with a few Alerts for zombie-killing, a preferable team would be Dwight, Yumiko, Zachary, Dale and either Sarah or Kelly.


Go for Dwight or Maggie. Maggie has a skill that applies to everyone while Dwight is meant for melee so it depends on what you use.


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