New Player In Old Region Feedback



Has a new player to an old region and to the game, I have been comparing DADE region with was recently open to new players against actual new regions.

New Regions

  • Faster build time
  • Competitive territory wars

Old Regions (open to new players or soon to be)

  • Standard build time?
  • More than half of the territories held by senior players uncontested

If old regions will open to new players instead of merging with other old regions, these things should be addressed to create a more competitive environment, is up to Scopely if to address it or not.

Some suggestions:

  • lower build time, at least for low stages
  • limit the number of territories that can be held
  • defending teams become fatigue
  • after holding territory for an amount of time walkers will attack the defending team in an increasing difficulty
  • ask nicely to old faction members to diverse themselves?

Looking forward to Scopely’s comments
Thank You.

Real New Players: Penny for your thoughts?

And how does that make money to scopely?


Renewing competition will also renew old players interest, and the more active players create more opportunity to market and grow profits.


Scopely listens now, keep it going.


thank you


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