New player; Ascend 4* Jesus?

Is that 4* Jesus with Guardian? If so he was OP back in the day and personally I’d keep him around for Survival Road etc. It could be a while before you get the blue FTP Guardian 2 (Douglas) and even longer, if ever, before the premiere Blue G2, Holly appears on some grindable wheel/event again. Guardian can be the difference between getting past a blue zombie stage and not in Survival Road. Personally I STILL used Red 4* Denise with a Kelly lead even with a raft of 6* options for red only walker stages in SR. The blue 5* in ascension aren’t going to help you out much with the exception of Blue Siddiq (who is amazing, and ascendable) and Derek as a crit lead (rare for blues), so personally I’d use a more expendable blue 4* for ascension.


That’s awesome

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Wow, thanks for the Info!

I do have a blue 4* Thompson that’s practically ready to ascend, maybe 10 level-ups to go.
He’s been good, too, capable of hanging longer than Jesus, but obviously doesn’t cause even half the damage. I actually have two of him, the other one is just sitting there though. I haven’t done anything with him.
Thank u!

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Ignore the haters. Folks that enjoy the game (and it’s been a top grosser for years) just don’t come on here because it’s a big cry-fest for those that can’t adapt. Sure, it’s pay to win, but it isn’t pay to compete or pay to have fun. This was :triangular_flag_on_post:? A simple encouragement to a new player. Weak sauce, y’all.

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I’d check out the link that Paf put up - the pool of blue Characters in ascension has deepened significantly, however in 6 consecutive attempts I got 4 Marks and 2 Darriuses so, like anything in this game, pray hard to RNGesus before you click ascend. Depending on how far into the game you are, Blue Yumiko, Dwight and Akio (all ascendable) could help you out…though really mainly for the transition from 5* to 6*. Still stick by the evaluation that Siddiq has by far the most long-term value, mainly due to command, confuse active skill and a really nice support rush. I’d still make Jesus the last blue you ascend if he is the guardian though.

ETA: Sorry, forgot Eric who is also in 4* blue ascension and is excellent as a 6*, with long term value, still prefer Siddiq though, mainly due to his versatility, he can slot into an offence or a defence team.

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This is gr8. I really appreciate all the info I’ve been getting.

~Lol~ I have a LOT of questions about different aspects of the game.
(And don’t want2 seem a little crazy lol So I started with this one.)

There hasn’t really been any way to get answers within the game, so I’m happy I decided to make an account here. :smiley:
Thank you!

You’re really gonna love 5* “A larger world” michonne when you get her. Superb for walkers :wink:

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That’s good to know!
I have a 5* “The Calm Before” Michonne & have been a lil disappointed with her, though that could b bcuz I haven’t set her up quite right.
Thanks for the info!

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this is her, I’m not sure where all she can be obtained from, @ladygeek would know, she has lists I believe

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Thank you; I will deff keep a lookout for her!

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She’s available in 5* tokens and I think Elite Character tokens as well, though they are very rare. She, Drop Lead Ezekiel (the one with the rush called "Kingdom Come) or Ascendable Green Abe and Darlene, plus a stun cleanser like Audrey and A.N. other will form the basis of your green walker level team on Survival Road for quite some time.

Shield Michonne really needs an absolute defence weapon to get the best out of her.

If he’s one of the fast\yellow Jesus you may end up with Gator when you ascend. He’s good for Walker levels and a good leader skill, for your faction to use